Logos Technologies is a full service, strategic partner providing eSource, Proactive EDC for
Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Organisations conducting early phase clinical trials.

Logos Technologies leads the way in collecting and reviewing early phase clinical trial data and its world class, market proven software solution ALPHADAS is the 'system of choice' for organisations all over the world. ALPHADAS is used in four continents by small to large early phase clinical research organizations and top 10 pharma companies.

Founded in 1995, Logos Technologies was born out of a simple software solution that was being employed in pre-clinical testing. Giles Wilson, our main founder and CEO, an engineer by training, saw the potential in employing that technology in a phase I environment, and Logos Technologies was formed.

Over the years Logos Technologies have witnessed many changes in the early phase arena but have always remained ahead of the curve. When Logos Technologies was established in 1995 mobile phones were still something more for the elite than the masses, music was bought on CD's and films watched on VHS. There certainly was no widespread interent or email as there is today, and common words, concepts, and multi-billion dollar companies such as google, facebook & twitter quite simply did not exist. When looking at Logos in the context of that environment it is easy to see how ahead of the curve Logos Technologies actually were, and most importantly remain today, founded on the solid principle that our clients are our business.

How We Are Different

Early phase EDC is what we do, it is the mainstay of our business

A flexible, innovative and dynamic organisation that works with clients as a strategic partner

An unrivalled level of experience and expertise in early phase clinical trials

Logos meets the needs of both sponsor and investigators through the sophisticated integration abilities of ALPHADAS

Logos fulfils the promise and potential of technology

Organically grown